The Sanctuary Model® of Trauma Informed Care

A Healthy Approach To Understanding Recovery

In order to help residents understand, recognize, and positively respond to the effects and trauma of addiction, Wellspring has adopted The Sanctuary Model® of Trauma Informed Care. We believe recovery from extreme stress and adversity requires an environment that promotes healing among all of its residents and staff.

What is it?

The Sanctuary Model is an evidence-supported template for system change, based on the active creation and maintenance of a nonviolent, democratic community in which staff and residents are empowered as key decision-makers to build a socially responsive, emotionally intelligent and just community that is able to transform internal and external conflict, and that fosters growth and change.

The basic components of this model are embodied in the following Four Pillars:

  • Trauma Theory: Trauma can alter the brain functioning and behavior of those who experience it. In some circumstances, trauma has led to an individual’s addiction. Trauma affects individuals as well as whole systems or organizations.
  • The S.E.L.F. Framework: S.E.L.F. is a framework for solving complex problems presented by trauma survivors, families, and chronically stressed systems and organizations. S.E.L.F. stands for the key areas of trauma recovery (Safety, Emotion, Loss, and Future).
  • Sanctuary Toolbox: The tools include community meetings, safety plans, red flag reviews, team meetings, psychoeducation, treatment/service planning, supervision/coaching, and training.
  • Sanctuary’s Seven Commitments:
    1. Non-violence
    2. Open Communication
    3. Social Responsibility
    4. Democracy
    5. Social Learning
    6. Emotional Intelligence
    7. Growth and Change

We believe that everyone goes through challenges and hardship at some point in their life, and that these experiences shape who we become and how we behave. With this in mind we try to change the question from “What is wrong with you?” and instead ask “What happened to you?” In this way, the Sanctuary Model® helps us to better assist clients and employees with planning their goals, finding their strengths, and overcoming challenges in their lives.

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