Program Staff

Amy Fairbrother - Staff

Amy Fairbrother

Counselor, Women’s House

Ashley Homstead - Staff

Ashley Homstead

Administrative Assistant, Women’s House

Barbara Marquis - Staff

Barbara Marquis

Administrative Assistant, Men’s House

Brent Austin - Staff

Brent Austin

Counselor, IOP Program

Dee Clark - Staff

Dee Clark

Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Therapist

Jeff Fuller - Staff

Jeff Fuller

Counselor, Men’s House

Jean Brooks - Staff

Jean Brooks

Administrative Assistant, Outpatient Offices

Kelly Redmond - Staff

Kelly Redmond

Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Therapist

Lisa Williams - Staff

Lisa Williams

Program Director, Women’s House

Pat Leture - Staff

Pat Leture

Director of Operations

Travis Lenfest - Staff

Travis Lenfest

Program Director, Outpatient Services

Samantha Pike

Counselor, IOP Program

Rick Gwinn

Director of Human Resources