Women’s Residential Substance Abuse Program – Bangor, Maine

Helping women gain sobriety, maintain sobriety and build skills for independent living

The women’s program is a long term (4-6 month), residential program with 14 beds and is designed to treat women with a history of chronic substance use disorder and co-occurring disorder. The program is dedicated to supporting and guiding women in gaining sobriety, maintaining sobriety, and building the skills needed for independent living utilizing the supports in the recovery community, as well as other community services.

To be considered for residential treatment, you must be:

  • Eighteen years of age or older
  • Free from mood altering substances on the day of admission
  • Physically and mentally able to participate in a therapeutic community environment
  • Motivated for treatment

What is treatment like?

We use a combination of therapy, education, and living skill development to assist in the recovery process. Learn more about the services included in the Women’s Residential Treatment program.

Will I still get to see my family and children?

Absolutely. We encourage our residents to take responsibility for their children and to maintain close contact with family. Learn more about family and children visitations.

How much contact will I have with the outside world?

Recovery is much more than maintaining sobriety. Recovery involves setting goals that will foster independence, family supports, self-confidence, and a new life style that will lead to success in many areas of life while maintaining a sober lifestyle. Learn more about community integration.

What else should I know?

We’ve adopted a model that helps residents to understand, recognize, and respond to the effects of trauma and addiction. We believe recovery from extreme stress and adversity requires an environment that promotes healing. Learn more about the Sanctuary Model® of Trauma.

Wellspring’s Women’s Residential is one of the many services of Wellspring, Inc. The women’s residential house was the first halfway house for women in the state of Maine and opened February 10, 1981.