Job Description – Substance Use Screening Technician

SUPERVISED BY:  Intensive Outpatient Program Director

      HOURS:  Part-time 15 hours/week



  1. Have a basic understanding of substance abuse and/or co-occurring disorders.
  2. Have a desire and ability to relate maturely and professionally with those facing substance use disorders in a trauma-informed manner.
  3. Be trained and demonstrate competency in agency drug testing protocols and procedures.

General Description:

Under the supervision of the Intensive Outpatient Program Director, the Substance Use Screening Technician will provide drug testing for clients referred to Wellspring.  The technician will follow all of the established protocols for drug testing, as detailed in Wellspring’s Policy and Procedures Manual.  The technician will ensure all documentation procedures are done in accordance with agency policies and procedures, ensuring appropriate chain of custody procedures for all samples taken, recorded, and forwarded for further laboratory confirmation testing.



  1. Establish a schedule for random testing and make the schedule available to all potential referral agencies.
  2. Maintain inventory and assists with supply orders.
  3. Fill out all required paperwork and logs associated with the client’s substance use test.
  4. Greet clients and treat them with respect as they present for testing. Accompany clients from the waiting area to the drug testing location.
  5. Conduct substance use testing in accordance with Wellspring Policies and Procedures, include obtaining sample, recording results, and preparing sample for confirmation testing as required, ensuring chain of custody procedures are observed at all times.
  6. Report any notable information to circumstances to Wellspring clinical or supervisory staff and/or management, including any behavioral problem that may arise. Ensure appropriate documentation of any instances requiring reports to clinical or supervisory staff.
  7. Prepare samples for sample pick-up and shipment in accordance with establish protocols and procedures.
  8. Maintain positive working relationships with Wellspring team and staff, as well as persons, agencies, and other entities with whom Wellspring has a working relationship, and specifically for agency customers of this service.
  9. Assist with routine maintenance of drug testing paperwork and any necessary equipment or supplies, ensuring the testing area is clean and maintained in good order.
  10. Provide other duties as may be assigned from time to time.



  1. Knowledge, skills and abilities acquired through the completion of a high school degree.
  2. Ability to accurately maintain records.
  3. Possess good organizational skills.
  4. Ability to interact with a diverse group of individuals
  5. Possess good oral/written communication skills.
  6. Possess basic computer and data entry skills.




Wellspring utilizes the Sanctuary Model, a trauma-informed client treatment organizational change model. Sanctuary organizes both our treatment and the way we run our organization. It is an inclusive model that guides leaders, staff, clients, and families to share the same language. The Substance Use Screening Technician helps clients by conducting screenings in a through, professional, respectful, and empathetic trauma-informed manner using Sanctuary framework.


In addition to the Sanctuary Model, all Wellspring employee are expected to adhere to the following performance standards:


  1. Attendance and Dependability:  Reports to work promptly at assigned hours and is seldom absent from work; submits accurate time sheets to the supervisor.  Demonstrates reliability in fulfilling job responsibilities in both routine and complex job situations, meets deadlines for paperwork, is punctual, and maintains a dependable attendance record.  Employee can be depended upon to complete work in a timely, accurate, and thorough manner. Employee can also be depended upon to adapt to changing work demands, be receptive to new ideas and procedures, and work effectively under pressure or in crisis situations


  1. Communication and Contact: The employee communicates effectively both verbally and in writing with clients, colleagues, and other individuals inside and outside the company while maintaining confidentiality of all client related information.  Employee is empathetic, respectful, and motivational and encourage others to take responsibility for their lives by acting as a positive role model.


  1. Relationships with Others:  Conveys a professional attitude by demonstrating an interest in the job and the agency with a welcoming, empathic, hopeful attitude and by emphasizing the positive aspects of most situations, which supports a philosophy of dual recovery.  Engages and welcomes people in ways that convey respect for diversity in a culturally appropriate way.  Demonstrates high professional/ethical standards, including the observation of professional boundaries and works well with others as part of the team.  Has empathetic, respectful, and motivational approach and encourages clients to take responsibility for their lives.


  1. Professional development: Understands job responsibilities and adheres to policies and procedures; expands knowledge and skills necessary for job; demonstrates self-awareness of and ability to work through attitudes that negatively affect performance, including personal reactivity.  Employee will prioritize time and tasks efficiently; distinguish between major and minor issues; develop logical and creative solutions to problems; and make effective decisions within the scope of their duties.  Employee will also productively utilize supervision; keep supervisor informed; adequately prepare for supervision.


  1. Participates in the Sanctuary Model and incorporates Sanctuary values, principles, and tools in building a trauma informed treatment program.



This job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee.


The classification of this position is considered non-exempt from the pay provisions of the Fair Labor and Standards Act.