Job Description – Administrative Assistant – Women and Children Program

SUPERVISED BY:  Program Director

HOURS:  Full-time, 40 hours

BASIC PURPOSE:  To provide administrative support services for a residential treatment program


  1. Experienced in secretarial skills with a knowledge of word processing, preferably, Microsoft Word for Windows; proficiency in spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  2. Good organizational and detail skills.
  3. Billing experience strongly preferred
  4. High school diploma; associates degree or higher preferred
  5. Excellent telephone skills and manners.
  6. Ability to relate maturely and professionally with recovering substance abusers.
  7. Ability to protect client confidentiality in all aspects of work.
  8. A valid driver’s license and use of a car is necessary.


General Description:  Wellspring utilizes the Sanctuary Model, which is a trauma-informed client treatment organizational change model.  The Sanctuary Model organizes both our treatment and the way we run our organization.  Sanctuary is an inclusive model because it is a way of guiding leaders, staff, clients, and families to share the same language.  Administrative employees help clients in their recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders through role modeling, and empathetic trauma-informed support using Sanctuary framework.



  • Interacts with clients, other staff and the public in a polite, respectful manner.
  • Management of agency’s office system to provide necessary support for clinical and administrative staff including maintenance of client case record and recording systems.
  • Completes third party billings (MaineCare, VA, DHHS).  Verifies MaineCare status and continued eligibility on a monthly basis; assures clients respond to requests for updated information.
  • Facilitates completion of MaineCare and Food Stamp applications.
  • Maintains statistics for reimbursement from funding agencies.
  • Maintains telecommunication system.
  • Maintains accounts receivable system.   
  • Maintains, orders and controls office supply inventory as needed.
  • Transports clients as needed in agency vehicle.


EXAMPLES OF DUTIES:  [May not include all of the duties assigned]

  1. Acts as a receptionist, answering and processing telephone calls for program in a courteous and professional manner.
  2. Uses and maintains in good working order office equipment, including, but not limited to:  computer, photocopier, and telephone equipment.
  3. Types, files and photocopies as required by the administrative and clinical staff.
  4. Audits charts on a monthly basis and as needed.
  5. Maintains supply of all necessary forms; destroys outdated forms.
  6. Collects and distributes agency mail between programs as requested.
  7. Schedules screening appointments and client appointments for psychiatric consultant and Clinical Director.
  8. Prepares and submits all third party payer applications and invoices.
  9. Prepares client invoices for pharmacy and Room & Board charges.  Collects client fees and expense reimbursements.
  10. Collects taxi vouchers, reconciles Miller Drug bill, petty cash and sends to bookkeeper for payment.
  11. Processes food stamp applications in a timely manner.  Acts as the authorized representative of the agency with the food stamp office of the Department of Human Services, as assigned.
  12. Maintains data collection, waiting lists and statistics as required.
  13. Travels between program sites, training, miscellaneous errands, and other meetings as required.
  14. Acts as secretarial back up to other programs, as requested.
  15. Shops for groceries and household supplies for the program.
  16. Keeps accurate time record of activities and submits to supervisor as required.
  17. Reports to work promptly at assigned hours.
  18. Maintains confidentiality of all client related information.
  19. Performs other duties as required by the Program Director and Executive Director.




  1. Attendance and Dependability: Reports to work promptly at assigned hours and is seldom absent from work; submits accurate time sheets to the supervisor.  Employee can be depended upon to complete work in a timely, accurate, and thorough manner and is conscientious, about assignments.


  1. Communication and Contact: The employee communicates effectively both verbally and in writing with clients, colleagues, and other individuals inside and outside the company while maintaining confidentiality of all client related information.


  1. Relationships with Others:  Conveys a welcoming, empathic, hopeful attitude towards people with co-occurring conditions and supports a philosophy of dual recovery.  Engages and welcomes people in ways that convey respect for diversity in a culturally appropriate way.  Demonstrates high professional/ethical standards and works well with others as part of the treatment team.  Has a therapeutic approach of being empathetic, respectful, and motivational, while encouraging clients to take responsibility for their lives.


  1. Participates in the Sanctuary Model and incorporates Sanctuary values, principles, and tools in building a trauma informed treatment program.


This job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee.


The classification of this position is considered non-exempt from the pay provisions of the Fair Labor and Standards Act.