Wellspring – A Light That Shines for You

As we approach the end of the year it is striking to think about the role that light plays in our celebrations – Christmas lights, Hanukkah lights, Kwanzaa candles, even the return of light – as the daylight once again begins to grow longer. In a time of year that can be cold and gloomy the irrepressible sparkle of the holiday season glows like a beacon.

At Wellspring we celebrate this season and also remain aware that for many it is also a challenging time. If you are someone who has lost a loved one to substance abuse, if you are worried about a family member’s drinking or drug use, or if you yourself are facing substance use disorder, it can be a difficult season. Throughout the holidays the staff at Wellspring will continue to work around the clock to support our clients and their families.

Our work is vital to our communities throughout the year and your support makes a real difference – please consider making an online gift of support at this time of year. With your help Wellspring will continue to be a light that shines for you and for all who believe that recovery is possible.


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